Lakota Mental Health First Aid

Lakota Mental Health First Aid

A Lakota Training Opportunity brought to you by
Tiospaye Sakowin Woonspe na Woapiye Otipi
  (Seven Extended Families Education and Healing Center)

March 13-14, 2015 and March 26-27 2015
Porcupine, SD, Tiosapye Sakowin Building, (brick building across from old Oblaye Store)


 Tiospaye Sakowin Woonspe na Woapiye Otipi (Tiospaye Sakowin), is a grass roots organization dedicated to providing Lakota cultural education and healing opportunities as needed and requested.

Tiospaye Sakowin will be offering a 2 day training course in Lakota Mental Health First Aid. This training will be held in Porcupine, SD at the Tiospaye Sakowin Woonspe na Woapiye Otipi ( a brick building 3 miles south of Sharps Corner). Join us to learn the Lakota Cultural Perspective on how to apply mental health first aid.

This training is intended for youth, parents, family members, community members and service providers who work in the areas of mental health, law enforcement, counseling, social service, education, or who are school staff, counselors, social workers, youth program staff, juvenile detention staff and all others who are in interested. Organizations and schools are encouraged to sponsor a youth (age 12-17), parent or community member to attend.

Volunteer Learning Facilitators:  Hmuya Mani, Richard Two Dogs and Sina Ikikcu Win, Ethleen Iron Cloud-Two Dogs

Registration = $250.00

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  • Olivia Hart

    May 09, 2016


    This is am outstanding opportunity you are providing in traditional medicine with implications for responsible use today, taught by those who know. THANK.YOU FOR DOING THIS...will pass it on through social media/etc.

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