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Wakanyeja Pawaciyapi

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We are dedicated to helping children that have suffered or been victimized in their homes. Sometimes this means to give them instruction in Lakota Lifeways, and offering the Inipi, and other Lakota spiritual practices. Sometimes it means giving parenting training to their parents, grandparents or other relatives that may be care-givers. Please take a look at our videos, and meet the staff.

Wakanyeja Means Children. Wakanyeja has much deeper meaning; “Wakan” is sacred and “yeja” is translated to mean “a gift” Pawicayapi: to put them first. We believe that the ‘Sacred Gift’ is at the center of the sacred hoop of life, and they must be protected and nurtured. They are our future and the most fragile. Wakanyeja Pawicayapi, Inc. (Children First) comes from the rebirth of the Lakota way of life and laws through education, healing, and collaboration.

Wakanyeja kin wakan pi kin he un witaya naunjipi kte (Coming together because the children are sacred.)

A Special Wopila (thank you) to the Wakan Iyeska (Interpreter of the Sacred), Hmuya Mani -Mr. Richard Two Dogs, Wicahpi Koyag Mani-Mr. Richard Moves Camp, Ohitiya Najin- Mr. Roy Dennis Stone and the late Pejuta Hoksila- Mr. Matthew Bear Shield whose contributions and spiritual support are immeasurable.