Young Men’s Camp November 6-9, 2015

November 6-9, 2015

Elder Lakota Warriors traditionally mentored younger men to protect and provide for the people as warriors. In the spirit of this traditional practice Tiospaye Sakowin Education and Healing Center is offering the Fall 2015 Young Men’s Camp November 6-9, 2015 for 20 young men.

You will learn the Lakota Traditions:

  • Canli Wapahta Kaga Pi~Making of Traditional Tobacco Offerings,
  • Sunka Wakan Ta Woonspe~Traditional Teachings of the Horse Nation,
  • Lakol Caje Icu Pi~Lakota Names for those who need/want them,
  • Inyan/Peta Aksupi~Traditional Teachings on preparation for Inipi,
  • Ti Ikciye Pawoslayeyapi Na Woonspa~Tipi Raising,
  • Itazipa Kaga~Bow Making,
  • Wakulya Pi~Hunting,
  • Maza Wakan Ta Woonspe~Gun Safety Training and much, much more!

Cost: Free


I can’t attend but I would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support this event.

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